What is Oh Hello?

Oh hello! I'm so glad to meet you. I feel like we have so much to talk about! Let's see, oh yes, you wanted to know what I am. Maybe you're even wondering what you're doing here? I can totally shed some light on that. Where to start? Hm. Okay...

Once upon a time, my friend Mary had this problem. She had a leaky ceiling. Every time it rained, everything just got completely soaked. She needed help! So Mary went on Facebook and asked her friends if they knew any good roof guys. Only a couple people responded and couldn't offer much help. It turned out that not everybody saw her question because she asked it at a weird time, like in the middle of the night. You know, when normal people--people who know good roof guys-- aren't using Facebook. So she came to me and I told her she needed better sleep habits. Then she got all defensive about how she works hard all day and she just likes to spend her evenings relaxing and playing word games with her friends, but she's got so many friends that she has, like, 50 games going at once and by the time she's done taking her turns in all of them it's already 2 AM, so I'm like, "Mary, play less games," and she goes "I know, I know," and...oh, right, the leaky roof.

Well, Mary ended up hiring some guy out of the yellow pages and she said he was nice, but he smelled like rutabaga and refused to take off his workboots while in the house. Then it turned out that Mary's neighbor is a roofer and he'd recently fallen on hard times and he could have totally used the money. Isn't that just so sad? So I told Mary, "Listen sister, I'm a database. You could tell me what you're working on and get your friends to tell me what they're working on. Pretty soon we'll have this awesome place where when you need something you can search me and I'll tell you which friends, friends of friends, famliy, friends of family, and neighbors can help you."

Mary's like "Great! Oh, but I also have this old wet couch to get rid of. I was going to see if somebody on Facebook wanted it. I would use Craig's List, but those are strangers and I don't want to be stabbed when they come to pick it up!" So I told her we can totally set up classifieds, too! And we'll help people get jobs! And let's connect people to collaborate on projects! Yadda yadda yadda. Bob's your uncle. Here we are. Oh hello!